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Colrain is Falling Behind (read more)

Colrain is barely past the halfway point of getting 40% of the town to sign up via WiredWest.  Some suggest that that will NOT convince WiredWest OR MBI to build this network, despite our enthusiasm.

Votes victorious in (16 and counting) towns !

Sixteen towns, including Colrain, have now voted in favor of funding a Fiber-Optic network project to enhance Western Massachusetts.

Link will take you a WiredWest article about this, dated may 30, 2015.

Where would the funding come from?  Here’s a chart to explain how this CAN work.


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Thank you all for joining us at the [March] Colrain Fiber Fest!

It was wonderful to share information and discussion with everyone.

The presentation from March 20th, given by our Chairman, can be viewed here:

(There are buttons for both slide-by-slide for easy reading, as well as a “play” button, which will auto-advance the slides.)

More information about this past event in Colrain on March 20th can be found here.

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Signup Status for all WiredWest towns can be seen here.

Curious if a neighboring town is among the WiredWest list? Here is the map of all WiredWest towns.

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Colrain has been struggling for many years to gain the Internet access that is common to urban areas. Yet due to our low population density, no for-profit company has been the least bit interested in wiring our town for high speed Internet.

Roughly five years ago, the Colrain Broadband Committee realized that to have our small voice heard we had to make it louder… by teaming up with all of our neighboring towns who were in the same situation. Out of that early collaboration, came WiredWest, a cooperative made up of 32 towns that are now on the brink of seeing a world-class fiberoptic network built in our respective towns.

A fiber optic network is the cat’s meow of broadband networks. It doesn’t get any better than fiber. If we act before the end of this year, Colrain will get  about $1.3M from the Commonwealth toward the cost of this project. Even after projected tax increases, many people will see a net savings when the new services become available. This is a one-time opportunity to catapult Colrain into the 21st century and we can’t afford to pass this up!

Have a question? Please write to info@wiredwest.net

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more information to this site. Come back soon!