Colrain is Falling Behind

Folks,     Our WiredWest Reps report that we are falling behind.

Colrain is barely past the halfway point of getting 40% of the town to sign up via WiredWest.  Some suggest that that will NOT convince WiredWest OR MBI to build this network, despite our enthusiasm.

DO we want this enough to start a signup campaign? Ask your broadband committee, or JOIN your broadband committee. We need to pull together, regardless of which way we choose.


Tell your town leaders and the Broadband Committee exactly what you want!

The Co-Operative model (WiredWest) has a fundamental principal [Written into it’s core] of making every effort to repay the loan we’re going to take out to do this.    The Independent model (Other Roads) don’t make that effort.    Some have said it plainly; “We’re not Leverett or Alford, we can’t afford to do it that way.”

Your WiredWest Reps;  Holleran Greenburger & David Greenberg

Your Broadband Committee Chairman;  David Greenberg